Anthony Sits Down with Basketball Insiders

In preparation for the NBA season Anthony sat down with Oliver Maroney from Basketball Insiders, to state what he is looking forward to this season moving forward with the Brooklyn Nets.  

"Anthony Bennett has had one of the strangest starts to an NBA career imaginable. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft enters the 2016-17 season playing with his fourth team in four years, joining the Brooklyn Nets after previous stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Toronto Raptors.

However, playing may not be the right word to use in Bennett's case, considering he has started just three games over the course of his NBA career and averaged only 12.8 minutes a night. Last season, he appeared in just 19 games for the Raptors and logged 4.4 minutes per game before being released in February.

Now, the 23-year-old is hoping to salvage his career with the Nets' a team that is desperately searching for young talent (since the Boston Celtics own their first-round picks for the foreseeable future) and an organizational identity under new general manager Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson.

Typically, a top overall pick has time to develop and learn from their mistakes. However, in Bennett's case, his playing time and opportunities were limited. Ultimately, it's on the player to earn minutes and prove himself, but Bennett had just one year of college experience under his belt when he entered the league and would've benefited greatly from guidance, structure and stability. Had Bennett been drafted later or landed in a different situation, perhaps things would've been different since there would've been less pressure and expectations would've been more realistic. Instead, Bennett is trying to learn from his experiences and get his NBA career back on track in Brooklyn.

The Nets could offer the perfect situation for Bennett to become a productive NBA player, regain his confidence and ultimately silence the critics who have been quick to label him a bust.

Entering the 2016-17 season, the 23-year-old is hoping he can realize his untapped potential. Basketball Insiders recently caught up with Bennett to discusses his offseason training, untapped potential, the criticism he's faced and much more."

-Oliver Maroney,

You can read the full interview here.